The Art Trail

The last 5.5 miles of the Coventry canal, from Hawkesbury junction to the city basin, has been developed and transformed into the City’s longest park. The park contains an art trail, pocket parks, heritage trail and towpath improvements. The art trail is not only for canal and towpath users but also the local residents, thus not all of the artwork is visible from the canal. Local schools and resident groups, working with artists, produced some of the artwork.

For more specific details on the artwork and the artists concerned see Information about the Artwork, or link directly by clicking on the individual photographs of the artwork.

Many of the entry points to the canal have been identified by a specially commissioned entry marker each with information and memories and canal gossip from the past.

Bridge Marker

Many of the bridges carry markers that map the route of the canal through the northern suburbs of Coventry. Two canal Rangers have been appointed as part of the ‘Canals Alive Initiative’ to patrol the canal and liaise with schools to increase local school children’s’ awareness of the canal. Local businesses have also been encouraged to improve the appearance and security of canal side premises.

This transformation of the canal and the surrounding corridor has been possible due to funding from:- Single Regeneration Budget, European Regional Development Fund, National Lottery, English Partnership, Coventry City Council, British Waterways and Groundwork. Many of the old industries that lined the canal have all but disappeared. The gas works, Alfred Herberts, Morris Motors, Courtaulds and Daimler sites have all been recycled or replaced by new development. Cash’s top shop weaving houses have been retained and can be seen just prior to bridge No.2.


1 – Lock Gates 2 – James Brindley 3- City Mosaic 4 – The Journeyman
5 – Wavy Seat 6 – Daimler Heritage Marker 7- Cable Bridge 8 – The Coil
9 – Fish Seats 10 – Waterwall 11 – Reflections 12 – Fish Railings
13 – Snakes In The Grass 14a – Seats By The Water
14b – The Traveller And The Stream
15 – Woman Scurrying 16 – The Navigator
17 – Children Playing 18 – Pocket Park, Railings
and Bridge Mural
19 – The Foxy 20 – Pipe Work Bench
21 – The Crash 22 – Stone Sofa 23 – The Bridge That Flows 24 – Wall Walk
25 – Folding Wedges 26 – Hawksbury Lock Bench 27 – Wings Over Water

Places of interest within a 5-10 minute walk from the canal basin:

  • Belgrade Theatre
  • Traffic free shopping centre
  • Motor museum
  • Cathedral
  • Medieval shopping street
  • Alfred Herbert Museum
  • Coventry University Campus
  • Sky Dome Entertainment

The Coventry Canal Society would like to thank Coventry City Development Directorate, Groundwork, H.M.S.O. and photographers J.Wiley and T.Bodinnar for their permission to reproduce images.